Instacorder is a simple, ridiculously helpful utility for the iPhone. When you launch the app, give it your email address (we won't spam you, don't worry). Next, press and hold the big button. While it's pushed, say something--when you let go, the audio recording is instantly emailed to you. Or, pick the camera icon, and take a quick picture. When you select to use it, you'll get it quietly and instantly emailed to you.

Instacorder is perfect for:

  • Quick Reminders
    In the car when you remember that you need to buy milk later? You can't write it down, and trying to email yourself a text note is downright dangerous. One tap with Instacorder and your message is back in your email, right where you know you'll find it.

  • GTD'ers
    Need that quick instant-input for David Allen's GTD productivity system? Look no farther. Instantly capture information and get it put back into your system with no distraction.

  • Business Executives
    Just stepped out of that important meeting, and you need to quickly brain-dump everything you just discussed, decided, and committed to. Quickly talk yourself through the highlights and the recording will be waiting in your email, ready to organize later.

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